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A Community Focus

Sarah Arndt grew up in the suburbs outside of Chicago as part of a large family.  After marrying high school sweetheart Adam, they moved to North Carolina, Iowa, and finally Ireland before landing here in the PNW.  Along the way, Sarah picked up several degrees including a Masters in Teaching from Western Illinois University and a Ph.D. in History from Trinity College Dublin. 

Sarah spent years teaching history before transitioning to more administrative work with a Seattle area non-profit.  Her experiences have taught her the value of being part of a local community, and how the life of that community and its environment impact the quality of life for everyone in it.

These days Sarah can be found playing at the park with her boys, hiking the beautiful area trails, or working on behalf of the city and local organizations. 

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Issues We Face

Learn more about Sarah Arndt and her vision for Woodinville. Here you will find key policies that Sarah Arndt fights to uphold.  As our city is ever-changing, so are political issues and the need to amend city policies. Stay tuned here, or get in touch with the candidate for more information.


Equity and Justice

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Growth Management

Lake View

The Environment and Public Spaces

For a Better Future

Fight for equitable zoning, and distribution of city services.
Actively encourage under-represented residents to engage with the city council and commissions.
Remove systemic racism from public policies and city law enforcement.

Key Policy

Prioritize areas of potential growth and increased density within the downtown core, allowing less dense zoning to remain on the eastern side of the city and surrounding agricultural lands.
Focus on sustainable and green building
Support small businesses by maintaining affordable commercial spaces in the city.
Partner with Woodinville Wine Country and the Chamber of Commerce to protect the local wine industry and develop complimentary businesses in the city.

The Stakes are High

Partner with King County conservation to protect local Salmon habitat.
Maintain Woodinville's tree canopy and status as a Tree City USA.
Increase the amount of publicly accessible open space within the city.
Invest in walkable pocket and neighborhood parks.

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Affordable Housing

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Transparent and Responsive City Government

A Place to Call Home

Create public/private partnerships to encourage the building of affordable housing options and services to keep families in existing housing.
Incentivize creation of below market value housing options.
Review building codes to ensure feasibility of affordable housing options in the city center.

More Options for All

Work closely with neighboring cities, King County, and the State to address the persistent traffic flow issues around the 522 exchange, and the major routes into the city. 
Advocate for increased regional public transport connections to Woodinville.
Increase the walkability, including safe routes to school, through sidewalk additions and safe crossings.
Add bike lanes for safe cycling.
Build connections between existing trail systems (EASTRAIL) and areas of the city to promote tourism and alternative transport.

Government that Serves the City

Foster transparency in Council decision making.  Maintain open and equitable lines of communication available to all city residents.  Foster good working relationships and a collaborative environment with other members of the City Council.

Issues: Issues
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